Patches for the Micromonsta 2

[Micromonsta 2]

I was stuck in the woods for two weeks with nothing but my Micromonsta 2 and a DR-40X, so I made a bunch of patches for it. About one a day.

IMHO, everyone even remotely interested in synthesis ought to own one of these little beasts from Audiothingies. It’s incredibly fun and capable for its size/price. A true sleeper hit of 2020.

Introducing BeatBar

[Beat Bar Icon]

2020, am I right?

We’re all socially distant and working remote. I’m often asked to “pick a time” to meet coworkers, family members, my Destiny clan, what have you.

But as I stare out of my home office, I don’t always know what day it is much less the respective time zones of my compatriots. “Pick a time” is hard. And involves math. Eww.

Swatch® solved this back in 1998 and BeatBar lets us use it today. Read more about it or check it out on the app store:

[Download on the Mac App Store]